Sails or Motors?

Sails or Motors?

High Speed boating vs Peaceful Sailing

There are many people that enjoy being out on the open water and it doesn’t matter if it is a river, lake, or ocean. Just being able to be out on the water is very relaxing for these people; however, not everyone has the same vision on what their preferred method of propulsion should be while cutting through the current. Some people enjoy harnessing nature’s power by utilizing a sail boat that propels them across the water almost silently while others like the quick response that a motor boat gives. Whether a person is using a sail boat or using a motor it is important to note that sailing is a very relaxing and long honoured activity. Up until the mid-nineteenth century the preferred method of propulsion across the water was by sailing.

What Sail Boat Lovers Argue

Even in the twentieth century there were many people that still used a sailboat instead of a motor boat. Sailing provides one with a sense of being one with nature. There is no fuel to worry about. There is also no disruptive noise from a motor to interfere with the serenity that one hopes to find on the water; however, operating a sail can be a little bit tricky, and it may take some getting used to. Also, making sure that the sails are free of tears is essential in order for the boat’s method of propulsion to remain in peak performance.

What Motor Boat Lovers Argue

A motor boat, on the other hand, requires fuel to propel the boat, but these boats can reach speeds faster than that of a boat propelled by a sail. Many boats that have a motor on it are used for skiing, tubing, and even fishing. Rising fuel costs have made some boating enthusiasts to rethink their mode of propulsion, though. Servicing and the upkeep on a motor can be expensive. There are a lot of moving parts inside an internal combustion engine so there are many things that can go wrong. A vast majority of people that end up having problems with their motors take them to a marina where it can be quite pricy to have repaired; however, they still enjoy the hum of the motor as they are skipping across the water.

People that enjoy being on the water have their personal preferences as far as propulsion, but many of those same people are happy to just be out on the water and away from their jobs and worries. An increasing number of people are flocking out to the water in their boats because of the relaxation and entertainment that the boating experience provides.

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